About Us

Our Story

Combining years of leading expertise in digital media, automotive marketing, sales, and software development, The Wheels2Web.com and WheelsAuto.com team delivers an exciting and comprehensive point of sale experience to consumers purchasing in the outdoor space. Our concept begins with the benefits of traditional outdoor sign marketing. Preserving what has worked, while improving on software integration, digital media, and creative marketing. Our patent-pending method is geared to provide an experience that is in harmony with today's technology age. Versatile and scalable, our marketing platform can be applied to facilitate automotive dealers, RV dealers, and other motor vehicle dealerships.

Our Vision

Become the leader in vehicle marketing solutions. Provide the most effective and economical marketing platform to dealers, in harmony with technological opportunities.

Our Mission

Provide effective and economical dealer marketing solutions that deliver a better customer experience. Allowing consumers to buy outdoor motor vehicle assets with more confidence and pleasure.